Chauvin Trial Exibit #12: Audio of 911 Dispatcher Jenna Scurry’s Concerned Call to an MPD Sergeant

Updated: May 1

“You can call me a snitch, if you want to.”

Minneapolis, MN - Exhibit 12: Audio from 911 dispatcher Jenna Scurry’s call to an MPD sergeant to report concerns over what she was witnessing live on city surveillance cameras. Hear that audio in the video above.

“You can call me a snitch, if you want to.” Jenna Scurry, the first witness that took the stand in the Derek Chauvin trial today reported seeing live city surveillance video of George Floyd's arrest during her shift while she was working 911 dispatch May 25, 2020.

Scurry said that she called an MPD sergeant because she was concerned over the length of time that the officers hadn’t moved positions since George Floyd had been placed on the ground. At the time, she even asked if the monitor screens had frozen because the length of time that those three officers were there holding down Floyd seemed unusually long to her.

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