Non-Profit Group, Rising Youth Calls Out Gov. Walz & Demands School Choice for Minnesota Families

"I want to bring choice of education back to the parent and see our communities unite in solidarity for the best interests of our children." - MN Rising State Director/ Rising Youth Founder, Jen Leigh

St. Paul, Minnesota - Non-profit group, Rising Youth plans to rally for school choice at the Governor’s Residence on May 8th. The group will join the Excellence in Education Coalition, The Exodus MN along with a number of other local groups for a peaceful, family friendly demonstration from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.

"At Rising Youth we strive to help create an educational environment that empowers parents and caregivers to have more of an impact on what our children are exposed to, while also having a more hands on approach to addressing the needs of each child. Rising Youth is a place for parents, teachers and concerned citizens, to speak out on education related issues."

Minnesota Rising State Director/ Youth Rising Founder, Jen Leigh says the issue of school choice is not a partisan issue, it's about the kids. "This is a bipartisan issue. It‘s not about politics. This is about what's best for the family, the parent and each and every individual child."

Leigh called out Governor Tim Walz in a recent news release posted on Twitter for being all talk and "in bed with the teacher's unions", putting the individual needs of Minnesota school children last.

"Enough is enough! Governor Walz falsely claims that he is not in bed with the teacher’s unions and that he has the best interest of our kids at heart. I want to make him prove that his words are more than just lip service and demand school choice. The money should follow the student and the choice should be that of the parent.
"Let's bring the choice of education back to the parent. Let's unite as a community, in solidarity for the best interests of our children. After all, they are the future of America and thus, they need to be our number one priority and area of focus.
"This ‘one size fits all’ approach to education is NOT meeting the needs of a majority of our youth."

Want to learn more and get involved? Rising Youth has an upcoming virtual meeting on May 3rd at 6:00 pm.

Email for more information and to register.

Want to contribute to the cause? You can provide financial support to non-profit Rising Youth by donating through GoFundMe or shopping at the group's webstore, which is linked below. You can also support Rising Youth by sharing the information in this article on social media, with your friends, family and any activists, influencers or parents of school children that you may know.

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