Radical Leftist Group Dumps Over 200 Bags of Trash at Tacoma City Manager’s Home

Tacoma Housing Now, dumped over 200 bags of trash in the driveway of city manager Elizabeth Pauli’s home, then bragged about it on Twitter.

Tacoma, WA - Saturday, radical leftist group Tacoma Housing Now cleaned up over 200 bags of trash from a homeless encampment then dumped the bags in the driveway of city manager Elizabeth Pauli’s home. Afterwards, the group shared several images of the incident on Twitter including a photo of a news release left at the scene. Their demands? “Provide services like trash pickup and housing to our houseless community. Pay for it by firing her and killer cops!”

Based on content the group shares on social media, Tacoma Housing Now appears to be a radical far-left, anti-fascist/ anti-police group that advocates for unhoused individuals in the city of Tacoma.

📲 LinkTr.ee/MillCityCitizenMedia

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